Three Day Program

The goal of our program is to provide maximum opportunities for the child to develop his/her potential: social, emotional, physical, aesthetic and intellectual. Our program is based primarily on play oriented activities. During “centre time” children choose from arts and crafts, water or sand table, puzzles, book corner and floor toys such as vehicles, dolls, kitchen, building toys, play dough, puppets, dress-up. Activities rotate with our monthly themes. We join together for circle times, snack, singing, gym, or outdoor activities.

Classes are 3 hours and currently run from 8:45AM – 11:45AM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

We are a play-based program so both classes are given ample time to play within a structured environment.  Both classes are lucky enough to have daily access to the school’s gym where the students get to use many different kinds of equipment. Both classes engage in crafts. Crafts encourage not only fine motor development but also language skills as they engage in this small group activity.

The three day class is generally attended by our older students. It is different than the two day program because it offers more complete access to the learning without tears program which focuses on printing and pre-printing skills that might not be appropriate for our youngest students. Students in the three day class also spend more time on early phonics skills, and early numeracy skills that we can not cover as completely in the two day class due to time constraints.

The two day class and three day class are both excellent and since we strive to meet each child where they are, either class will offer your preschooler what they need to be ready for kindergarten.