Meet Our Teachers

Ms Coralie

Ms Coralie

Credentials: Bachelors of General Studies, Bachelors of Education, Early Childhood Educator Level 3

Years of experience in childcare: I started teaching 20 years ago, took time off to have my 3 kids and switched from elementary education to preschool when my children were in preschool. I have taught everything from parented preschool for 12 -24 month old’s to subbing high school computers to early literacy support specialist but preschool is my absolute favorite age to teach.

Favorite part of being a teacher: I love teaching preschool because preschoolers love to learn and are always excited to find out what they will be learning about each day.

Funniest thing a student has ever said to you: When I was a brand new teacher a little boy who I will never forget a boy in my kindergarten class came to school one morning and gave me a diamond ring. I assumed it was costume jewelry thanked the little boy and put it on my desk. Later in the day the bus driver (who was also friends with the child’s mom) comes into the classroom to enjoy breakfast with us. She tells me that she has been talking to her friend and she is hysterically looking for her wedding ring. It turned out that the little boy had wanted to give his teacher something really special and brought me his mothers wedding ring as a gift.

Favorite part of the school year: I love the Spring for so many reasons but in preschool it means a start of pretty spring crafts and spring colors in the classroom. I usually start spring crafts way too early!

What you love to do in your spare time: I love road trips and spending time with my three kids. I once took an epic road trip just me and my three kids we didn’t know where we were going when I started driving but we somehow ended up in Disneyland.

Something neat about yourself: I have three kids who have all helped me prep crafts for preschool.  

Ms Lisa

Ms Lisa

Credentials: Early Childhood Educator Level 1

Years of experience in childcare: 5

Other childcare certificates: Childcare first aid,  Low arousal training, Brain Story Certification

Favourite part of being a teacher: The students! I love interacting with them and learning with them and seeing them grow inside and out!

Funniest thing a student has ever said to you: “Wait…you’re a mom? I didn’t know teachers could be moms too!!”

Favourite part of the school year: I love the spring when things outside start to grow and we have so many fun crafts and activities about nature and animals and we can start to play outside more as a class.

What you love to do in your spare time: I love to read, go camping, travel and spend time with my family outdoors.

Something neat about yourself: My husband and I spent 7 years living in Mexico which is where both of our children were born.