Snack Guidelines

Individual snack containers will be supplied by the preschool to ensure all children have a similar sized snack. You should receive these on the first day of preschool.

Each child should bring a filled water bottle to class each day for their personal use. Please do not bring any other beverages. Please put your child’s name on the water bottle.

Our food policy requires no nuts, including any food that is labeled as “may contain nuts”.

Please ensure your snack includes a balance of food groups e.g. a fruit or vegetable, a protein (e.g. cheese, pepperoni slices) and a starch (e.g. crackers). All food must be washed, cut, and ready to serve. Grapes should be cut in half. Any home-made food is ok as long as there is no nut or nut oil used in the preparation.

Please refrain from putting sharp objects such as toothpicks in the snacks.

Group snack events will occur for special events during the school year, the teachers will communicate when these will take place via our preschool app.