Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to be potty-trained?

Children doesn’t need to be fully potty-trained, accidents happen. There is no access to change facilities so soiled diapers must be handled by home care-givers, and so, you would receive a call. If a child is still training, use of ‘pull ups’ instead of diapers are preferred so the child can participate in class trips to the bathroom.

Every child keeps a change of clothes at the preschool in case of spills or accidents of any kind.

What kind of fundraising do you do?

Fundraising allows the preschool to be a sustainable non-profit, and keep registration fees low, while still delivering excellent programming. There are typically several opportunities throughout each year. Participating in fundraisers is completely optional, but greatly appreciated.

Can I bring a treat for my child’s birthday?

Yes! Ensure the treat is NUT FREE. Provided celebratory treats will be handed out at the end class to give pick-up adults the choice of whether the treat is appropriate for their child.

What should I do if my child cries when I drop them off?

The transition to preschool is big! Tears are developmentally appropriate. Give your preschooler a big hug and quick reassurance that you will be waiting for them when class is over, then leave quickly and the teachers will help the child in. Crying usually stops as soon as you are gone! Teachers will do their best to send you a picture of your happy transitioned preschooler as soon as they have the chance.

What should my child wear to school?

This is a play-based program. Painting or engaging in messy play is common. Make sure clothes are machine washable and comfortable. Your preschooler’s shoes should be well fitting and suitable for daily gym activities.

What if I am running late? Can someone else pick up my child?

Do your best to arrive for pick up on time. Preschoolers can get worried or stressed quickly once they realize you are running late. If you are in a position beyond your control, let the school know as soon as possible so teachers can reassure your preschooler and know your expected, slightly delayed arrival time. If you someone else needs to pick up your preschooler, let the teachers know ahead of time the plan for release of the child to an alternate trusted individual on that day.

What happens if my child acts up in class?

When a child acts up a first strategy is to distract and redirect to a new task. This is often all it takes to remedy misbehaviours. If the behaviour continues or another child is hurt, the child who is acting up will be separated from the group and asked to say sorry. Home caregivers will be contacted if behavioural issues become repeated problems to the class environment.

How will I know when my child is ready to move to kindergarten?

Many children choose to spend a third year in preschool. Depending on maturity and where their birthday falls this may be a good choice for the family. Many things that need to be considered when deciding if it is right to move your child onto kindergarten.  Some skills to consider are:

  • Is my child independently able to get dressed to go outside?
  • Can my preschooler open snack containers independently?
  • Is my preschooler interested in making friends with other preschoolers?
  • Can my preschooler sit and listen to a story?
  • Can my preschooler draw simple shapes and lines?

If you are wondering about your preschooler, please speak with the teachers!